I have worked with many professional singers, especially in musical theatre, such as Tottie Goldsmith, Bianca Bakara, Jessie Lou Yates and others. Although I do work at the professional level, I also work with amateur and hobby singers.

Apart from her experience as a contemporary performer, Lyn is qualified to teach singing, and has a University Award from Griffith University (Queensland Conservatorium of Music) for her post graduate studies in vocal pedagogy.  Lyn teaches and mentors singing teachers  Lyn also offers classical cross-over vocal training that enables classically-trained singers to adapt their voices to a contemporary vocal environment. Lyn is passionate about vocal health for contemporary singers, and all lessons are structured with sound technique in mind.

Yes, if you’re a band on the road, it may be easier for tuition to take place in your venue, rather than Lyn’s voice studio. Please email Lyn Gillett Voice Studio for more information about singing lessons for bands.

Singing lessons for young children are fine provided that the focus is on teaching children what NOT to do so that they do not damage their voices.

Lyn Gillett Voice Studio takes children from approximately 12 years old.

This of course depends on the individual child.

At times Lyn will take a younger child if the child is more mature and able to focus on tasks and technical requirements.

All children are assessed before acceptance into lessons with Lyn Gillett and the appropriate teaching situation suggested to parents.

For example if a child is already involved in the music or music theatre industries and / or auditioning for roles regularly specific lessons would be advised in order that technical faults are overcome and observed very closely, and repertoire choices monitored.

Should the child be interested in singing purely for enjoyment that is also acceptable.

Should you wish your child to sing with a friend that is also acceptable.

The emphasis on vocal technique and development of good vocal health habits is offered in both situations at the Lyn Gillett Voice Studio. We have provided some children’s singing lessons parental tips.

Not all singing teachers have equivalent qualifications or capability.

For the best possible result for your child, we recommend you search for a teacher who is a member of Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS).

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For the best possible result for your child, we recommend you search for a teacher who is a member of Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS).

Related: read Lyn’s blog post on ‘the notion of ‘celebrity’ in today’s music industry’

If your voice is weak, singing lessons will improve it.  Singing lessons with Lyn Gillett include vocal exercises to strengthen your voice.

If you think your head voice sounds airy, singing lessons will help you to blend your chest and head tone.

Lyn Gillett focuses on teaching and applying correct singing principles, so a blended vocal tone or mix can be achieved quickly and permanently.

If you are not sure what styles or songs suit you, guidance will be offered to assist you. To begin with, usually two or three styles of music are suggested which suit your singing range until your own ‘style’ emerges. Singing a number of vocal styles will create a more versatile singer.

Yes, it is the student’s responsibility to provide music for your singing lessons.

As part of your private singing tuition, you will be taught both vocal, performance and auditioning (if required) skills.

Singing beginners will be guided by Ms. Gillett and assisted in the choice of repertoire to suit the vocal requirements and taste of student.

Singing lessons are based on the students needs and goals, with vocal exercises tailored for the individual.

It is student responsibility to provide music for your classes, in accordance with APRA and AMCOS guidelines.

You will need to bring:

  • The relevant form of music discussed at your singing assessment (sheet music or chord charts).
  • Backing tracks (ideal to assist to achieve an authentic sound, and great tools to use for vocal practice purposes).
  • CD backings or backing tracks in MP3 format / USB stick or on CD
  • An exercise book for singing lesson notes.
  • Plastic folder with clear plastic inserts for singing work sheets and exercises.

Start today. Call the Lyn Gillett Voice Studio on 0407 625 939 or email Lyn to arrange your singing lessons or assessment.

Singing Lessons are based on the following foundation principles of good vocal technique:

  • Breath Support and Management for vocal needs
  • Articulation, diction and ‘accenting’ requirements for singing
  •  Postural alignment for singing, vowel modification and mouth shaping.
  • Improvement in vocal range and vocal projection by the application of new singing skills.
  • Development of confident Stage Presentation and Performance Skills
  • Musicianship
  • Microphone technique
  • Appropriate vocal tonal colour for all styles. Achieve the correct kind of sound for the particular singing style you enjoy.