Jessie-Lou Peat

Without Lyn I definitely wouldn’t have become the performer I am today.

I first went to Lyn at age 12. It was very hard to find a teacher that would take me on and not ‘change who I was’.

Then I met Lyn and my singing was celebrated.

It’s important to Lyn that she not only knows everything about your voice but that she learns who you are. That gives her the tools to unlock your voice and release your own musical individuality.

Due to her tutelage I have had the opportunity of singing roles in musical theatre including, Elphaba in Wicked in Japan, Lisa in Dirty dancing ‘UK Tour’, Wendla in Spring Awakening and others. None of which would have been possible without Lyn’s guidance.

She is unyielding when it comes to technique and vocal safety. For that I will be forever grateful.

She is a teacher but also a mentor. She taught me what it is to be a performer, to be vulnerable, to deal with knock-backs, bounce back and know my worth.

I cannot recommend singing with Lyn highly enough.

Jessie-Lou Pet


Monte Morgan

I have been working with Lyn since 2015. During this time she has been a huge help to my voice, both in person and via online video calls.

She has helped me relax and extend my singing in multiple ways, giving me the skills to push and protect my voice, especially during times of frequent performances.

Many times Lyn has unlocked my singing with one exercise or golden piece of advice. She is kind and nurturing in her approach, has an amazing depth of knowledge and can tailor her teaching to my different vocal needs.

Monte Morgan.


Natalie Blair, Actress, Singer, Logie Award Winner.

Natalie Blair, Actress and Singer, Lyn Gillett AlumniAfter having had the same vocal coach for the majority of my life, I was a little hesitant searching for a new one upon relocating to Melbourne.

However, Lyn came highly recommended and after my first session I wished that I’d started with her sooner.

Such a warm and intelligent woman, Lyn makes every lesson relaxed, fun and very informative.

The terminology and technique used in each session was exactly as I was used to, I certainly didn’t feel like I was starting from scratch.

Whether you are new or old to singing there is no doubt in my mind that Lyn is the perfect teacher, especially if you are after great results!

Natalie Blair.


Diana Perini, Musical Theatre Performer, WAAPA Graduate

Diana Perini, Musical Theatre Singer, Lyn Gillett AlumniI had been singing for a number of years before starting singing lessons with Lyn Gillett. While I enjoyed singing and sang often, I knew that there was more that I was capable of and that I was not always using my voice in a safe way.

From my first lesson with Lyn, she made me feel comfortable and confident and she assured me that my goals were achievable. I was extremely motivated by Lyn’s encouragement and could not wait to get to work and improve my instrument. She thoroughly assessed all aspects of my voice to create a learning plan tailored to my vocal needs.

Lyn is knowledgeable in all aspects of the voice and was always able and ready to answer any question I asked. Lyn introduced me to warm ups that I now use everyday and different ways to relax and access your voice.

After a year of lessons with Lyn, I auditioned for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) for the Musical Theatre course and I was successful. I owe it all to Lyn! I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone looking to improve their voice. Her knowledge of both theoretical and practical is second to none and I am so thrilled to have her as both a teacher and a friend.

Diana Perini.


Bianca Baykara, Musical Theatre Performer, NIDA Graduate.

Bianca Baykara NIDA Graduate, Lyn GillettLast year I decided to take performing to the next level and really pursue it as a career. I was recommended to Lyn and what a difference a year has made! When I first came to Lyn for singing lessons I had no idea about how to use my instrument – my voice! – properly.

In my very first lesson Lyn identified bad habits that were getting in my way of singing with good technique, and knew exactly how to fix them instantly! Before I came to Lyn, I had accepted that there were some limitations to my voice, and I was amazed that these problems that had plagued me were instantly on their way to improvement with Lyn.

At the time I was in rehearsals for the lead role in Miss Saigon, and after two lessons with Lyn, cast mates were commenting on the improvement in clarity and ease in which I was singing. My voice went from strength to strength with Lyn. She inspired me to be passionate about singing and it was always easy to stay motivated and excited about practicing because the results were so apparent!

I have since received many comments about the strength of my belt voice and vocal control, and I owe it all to Lyn. I have just graduated from NIDA studying music theatre and I know that Lyn’s training has served me well whilst at drama school and now as I enter the industry as a young professional. Lyn is an absolute joy to learn from; her knowledge and warm friendly manner has helped guide me to be the kind of performer I continually strive to be! Thankyou Lyn!!!

Bianca Baykara.


Maddy Hay, Jazz singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist.

Maddy HayMy first lesson with Lyn was a dream.

I was so happy when she embraced my unique voice and style of singing with open arms.

Lyn has nurtured and helped to strengthen my voice, without trying to eliminate its character.

She has tailored a string of exercises for me to do every day for the rest of my life, which will continue to keep my singing voice healthy.

Since having just a few lessons with Lyn, I have noticed that my voice has swelled into something much stronger, clearer and more pure than ever.

Maddy Hay.


Will Cuming, Singer/Guitarist/Composer in Farrow, and Lanks – VCA graduate.

Will Cuming

Before starting singing lessons with Lyn, I had previously never had any vocal training.

I studied a Bachelor of Improvisation degree at the VCA on guitar and have an extensive background in music writing and performing music in various bands around Australia and the world. Lyn has been excellent at understanding what I need to work on to enhance the musical voice that I have already developed, without trying to change what I do.

As someone who is very self-motivated, Lyn is an excellent sounding board for ideas and thoughts and very good at challenging the student to get better.

It is comforting to have a teacher who really understands the mechanics of the voice and can explain why you need to do certain exercises to ensure excellent vocal technique and health.

Will Cuming.


Madeleine Vizard, WAAPA Graduate.

I have always been interested in performing, both singing and acting, and was lucky enough to begin singing lessons with Lyn at thirteen years old. For five years Lyn helped me grow as a performer, in a way that I could completely relate to. She is a kind natured friend as well as an amazing teacher with a unique modern teaching style, focusing on the vital and technical factors of performance and voice control.

With such a warm spirit and amazing vocal talent, Lyn guided me through auditions, school music and anything performance related. Every week I would look forward to laughing and singing with Lyn, learning from her incredible vocal techniques as the years went on. This year I auditioned for WAAPA and was accepted into the acting course for 2011. With Lyn’s guidance and professional knowledge both practically and theoretically, my performance skills and vocal quality improved.

Lyn Gillett is an inspirational teacher, who undeniably enhances and trains her student’s performance and vocal quality to a professional level, she is certainly the best teacher I have had, not only due to her knowledge but also due to her modern, unique and practical teaching style.

Madeleine Vizard.


Anita Paul, Coloratura Opera Singer and Actor.

Singing teacher MelbourneWhile searching for a teacher in Melbourne to help me “get the classical out of my pop” voice, I found Lyn on the internet alongside many other learned vocal coaches that I had already had the opportunity to study with: Gary May, Anna Connolly and Rosamund Illing.

As an opera singer working in the industry it was important to find a teacher who really knew and understood good vocal technique. I had done my share of scales and arpeggios but was at a loss as to how to sing pop and jazz with that lazy but fiercely accurate tonality of the recorded or miked singer.

Lyn’s approach was so immensely simple and helpful. Less was more, always with good intonation and core in the sound. I also found myself in awe of the effortlessness with which she produced her own voice, to my ears, reminiscent of Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and character voices such as Doris Day.

It became clear that technique transcends styles and as long as you sustain the practice of this you can lend your voice to many colours and forms. It is also important to note that Lyn is the very first person I have ever really learned microphone technique with.

Many purport to do so but cannot, whereas within a few months I had learned to love the mike instead of fear it. My mentor was Donald Smith, he was funny, talented and a great friend and coach, I now say the same of Lyn Gillett. I often think they would have got along like a house on fire. My lessons with Lyn were full of laughter and fun as well as packed with gems of wisdom as far as deconstructing a song and interpretation of music.

I recommend Lyn to anyone who is looking to learn to sing, from the amateur, to the working professional. While I no longer have formal lessons with Lyn, we have joined forces to create the duo SWEET GROOVE, a myriad of music where jazz meets classical and greets pop.

Anita Paul.


Damian Ball, Vocalist and Keyboard Player.

Lyn was my singing teacher for about 2 years on a weekly basis and has continued to be a mentor and teach me casually in more recent times. Lyn was instrumental in helping me get out of my classically trained habits into a more contemporary voice and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Lyn’s approach to teaching the art of singing is the best I have come across in my 20 years’ experience in being a vocalist. Her incredible knowledge through experience and large volume of university study is the perfect balance and you will never leave her studio without having made an improvement or learning something new.

If you are a committed student, Lyn will teach and mentor you with complete dedication and you will be amazed at how much you will learn/improve – no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional. For those full time singers out there, Lyn has a fantastic knowledge of the anatomy of the voice and will teach you how to look after your instrument so you can sing night after night without damaging your valuable asset

I would make no hesitation in recommending Lyn to anyone no matter how green, or how experienced.

Damian Ball.


Angela Gray, Singer and Singing Teacher, Bmus Dip Ed.

Before beginning my coaching with Lyn Gillett, I thought my four year Music Degree in vocal performance was enough to “qualify” me as a singer and singing teacher, who would be versatile enough to switch from classical to contemporary styles without any problem, both for performance and class room teaching.

I soon ran into difficulty and found that no matter how much I practiced, I wasn’t happy with the sound I produced. I went to see Lyn, who was confident that in a short time I would find the sound I was looking for and she was right! Her approach was so effective yet so simple to put into practice and the results were almost immediate. I had tried other vocal coaches and was frustrated at the slow progress and dissatisfied with my vocal quality.

Lyn’s friendly manner and expert advice has given me a new confidence in live performances as well as for recording purposes. I have achieved a sound I am pleased with and continue to progress and develop as a singer and teacher, under Lyn’s professional guidance. I can’t speak highly enough of her approach and character!

Angela Gray, Bmus Dip Ed.


Dr. Marianne Parry, Medical Doctor And Singing Enthusiast.

Singing lessons with Lyn Gillett were everything I hoped for: fun, challenging, effective, professional, friendly.

Lyn’s warm approach put me at ease right away despite my ‘never sung before’ nerves.

As a medical doctor I was constantly impressed by her detailed knowledge of ‘singing anatomy’ and ability to ‘diagnose’ the physical issues affecting my voice. Her academic background in the teaching of singing combined with her fabulous talent as a performing singer, make her a real ‘find’ for any student. Her knowledge and experience of both the theory and practice of singing make her an invaluably inspiring and expert mentor and coach.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a singing teacher at any level, and will always feel fortunate to have experienced the joy of lessons with her myself.

Dr. Marianne Parry, MBChB DTM&H DFFP.


Catriona Warren, Child Actor.

Catriona Warren, Lyn Gillett AlumniLyn is my singing teacher and I was really lucky because she doesn’t normally take young kids like me.

My dream is to be a singer, dancer and actress, and Lyn is the best singing teacher in the world. She makes me work hard, though. I have to practice every day.

What I really like about Lyn is that she makes me relax and helps me to improve my singing. Together we decide what songs I should sing that are suitable for my age and vocal range.

Lyn is nice, awesome and funny.

Catriona Warren.