Lyn Gillett Voice Studio

Qualified, ethical, experienced and professional teaching.

Lessons for all ages, from beginner to professional in a happy relaxed yet professional environment. Individual vocal and performance goals set for each student, to develop at the student’s own pace. Beginners will be guided by Ms. Gillett to develop their voices correctly, in order that no voice damage can result

Sound vocal techniques enable singers to sing all styles of contemporary music effortlessly, with an emphasis on vocal health, performance and stylistic authenticity.

Diagnosis of vocal difficulties in professional singers: Professional singers who are experiencing hoarseness, and difficulties or loss of range and resilience, can be re-trained to sing with greater ease, and flexibility, reducing strain and developing richer tone and vocal range. Many of Ms. Gillett’s students are enjoying success in the music, recording and entertainment industries.

Church Groups. In contemporary Churches, worship leaders have to be versatile and powerful with the advent of pop and rock styles as part of the service. Singers within these musical situations, are subject to the same pressures as they would if performing in secular concerts. Past students include many successful Christian/Gospel recording artists.

Classical singers can add a new dimension to their voices with the addition of contemporary vocal techniques for an authentic sound. The requirements of singing contemporary styles are different from Classical singing, and while the basic techniques to produce clear, supported, production of sound are similar, stylistic authenticity is essential to cross over to the contemporary world where current rock and pop trends influence employment opportunities.

Diagnosis of vocal problems associated with vocal abuse can be made and a programme of exercises developed to prevent further recurrence. Should problems need the attention of a Speech Pathologist or Medical Specialist Ms. Gillett will recommend seeking a medical opinion and work in conjunction with these experts.

Professional singers who are experiencing difficulties or loss of range and resilience, can be re-trained to sing with greater ease, reducing strain and developing richer tone and vocal range, using the singers own choice of music style, with friendly professional guidance as to the appropriate repertoire choice in accordance with student’s goals and aspirations.

Alternative music styles. Should students have an interest in alternative music, they are welcome to sing music of their own choice.

Studio hours: Vacancies as at October 2015 are on Wednesday (day times) Thursday day and evenings, some Friday evenings and day times available, and every second Saturday.