Prices are current at October 2015 and subject to change. All prospective students must have a vocal assessment with Lyn Gillett before being accepted into classes with Lyn. The initial cost of half hour vocal assessment is $50. Adult assessment normally one hour including lesson plan $100. All changes will be posted on the website with an updated effective date.


Private Singing Lesson Fees: 

  • $100 per hour and $50 per half hour. 
  • Discounts are offered for lessons booked and paid within 7 days of invoice date: i.e. $90.00 per hour $45.00 per half hour.    

Children up to 16 Years Old :  

  • $80 per hour $40 half hour.
  • Once 16, adult prices apply. 


  • Initial half hour assessment $50.00 
  • Assessment of vocal damage with attendance at Voice Clinic (1 hour) $120


Prospective and enrolled students should read the terms and conditions before making a commitment to regular lessons.

  • Casual students will not be guaranteed the same time each week, but every effort made to accommodate a mutually convenient time slot.
  • Permanent Bookings - Are available for students requiring a regular time slot.
  • Rescheduling - If student is unable to attend lesson, catch up lessons are available.
  • If Lyn cancels, refunds or credits will be given. 24 hour notice of cancellation of lessons is required.
  • School Students - Account can be paid online (or in cash or cheque, at time of lesson).
  • Invoices will be emailed each month.
  • Rescheduling the lesson is an option in the case of illness or inability to attend.
  • Cancellations - After enrolment, it is requested that students unable to attend lessons contact Lyn at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. A substitute lesson time can then be organised.
  • Cancellation fee is applicable if 24 hours notice of cancellation not received unless exceptional circumstances. It is the student’s responsibility to make another appointment with Lyn.
  • Illness - Students are asked NOT to attend lessons, if suffering from any infections including chest, sinus or ear infections, or cold sores, Sore throats, colds or flu, Respiratory or stomach ailments. A substitute lesson should be arranged in the event of illness.
  • Before enrolling for singing lessons and booking a regular time slot in advance, you should ensure that you have both the time and dedication to practice in order to improve your voice production and that you intend to attend singing lessons regularly.
  • You will be set vocal exercises as part of your vocal development, so you will need a place where you can practice and sing the required exercises and songs.