Lyn Gillett Voice Studio offers private singing lessons from the studio in Buderim in Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast.

All prospective singing students are assessed before commencing tuition to determine vocal strengths and weaknesses.

A singing study programme will then be developed to suit the individual’s singing needs.

Students usually have a one hour or 1/2 hour singing lesson once a week at a set time, although casual lessons are available if appropriate for the individual’s vocal needs.

Vocal lessons are provided from Monday to Friday.

Singing Lessons are based on the following foundation principles of sound vocal technique:

  • Vocal Breath Support and Management
  • Singing Articulation, diction and ‘accenting’ requirements
  • Singing Postural Alignment, Vowel Modification and Mouth Shaping.
  • Improvement in singing range and vocal projection by the application of new vocal skills.
  • Development of confident Stage Presentation and Vocal Performance Skills
  • Musicianship.
  • Microphone technique.
  • Appropriate vocal tonal colour for all styles (to achieve the authentic kind of sound for the particular singing style you enjoy). If you would like to arrange singing lessons, call the Voice Studio on 0407 625 939 or email to arrange your singing lessons. See also our singing lessons fee schedule.


Singing Lessons for all ages – From beginner to professional vocalist in a happy relaxed yet professional voice training environment. Individual vocal and singing performance goals are set for each student, to develop at the student’s own pace. Beginners will be guided by Ms. Gillett to develop their voices correctly, in order that no voice damage can result.

Professional and sound vocal techniques enabling you to sing all styles of contemporary music effortlessly, with an emphasis on vocal health, singing performance and stylistic authenticity.

Diagnosis of vocal difficulties in Professional singers: Professional singers who are experiencing hoarseness, and difficulties or loss of range and resilience, can be re-trained to sing with greater ease, and flexibility, reducing vocal strain and developing richer singing tone and vocal range. Many of Ms. Gillett’s singing students are enjoying success in the music, recording and entertainment industries.

Band Vocals : Specialised group classes can be arranged for  bands where healthy vocal techniques are essential for those working with loud instruments such as horn sections or extremely loud amplification.

Classical singers can add a new dimension to their singing voices with the addition of contemporary vocal techniques for an authentic sound. The requirements of singing contemporary styles are completely different from classical singing, and while the basic vocal techniques to produce clear, supported, production of sound are similar, stylistic authenticity is essential to cross over to the contemporary world where current rock and pop trends influence employment opportunities.

Diagnosis of vocal problems associated with vocal abuse can be made and a programme of vocal exercises developed to prevent further recurrence. Should problems need the attention of a Speech Pathologist or Medical Specialist Ms. Gillett will recommend seeking a medical opinion and work in conjunction with these experts.

Professional singers who are experiencing singing difficulties or loss of vocal range and vocal resilience, can be re-trained to sing with greater ease, reducing vocal strain and developing richer singing tone and vocal range, using the singers own choice of music style, with friendly professional guidance as to the appropriate repertoire choice in accordance with singing student’s goals and aspirations.

Alternative music styles. Should singing students have an interest in alternative music, they are welcome to sing music of their own choice